Networth October

I haven’t done a networth ramble in a while. Two steps forwards one step back, it seems. Checking in with my yearly goals though:


Haven’t weighed in a while, but I’m thinking I’m hovering above that number now.

 1. Continue to track my sleeping patterns. Fail. I lost my fitbit back in April and have been unable to get it back. I haven’t been tracking my sleep consequently. I can tell you my sleeping hygiene has improved dramatically. I went through a rough spot in May but since then I’ve started sleeping normally, I no longer have night terrors. I sleep 7/8 hours a night and don’t feel the need for more during the day. I sleep in a row, I don’t wake up… usually. There’s been a remarkable improvement from May onwards compared to previous years and with reason! I am healed! I now have my sisters fitbit, so back to tracking.

2. Increase my step average to average out to 9,000 steps per day over the course of the year. In progress. I was pretty active this summer so I think my average should still be the same, haven’t become a couch potato or anything… Now that I have my sisters fitbit I’ll start tracking again.
3. Lose 5 lbs and keep them off by December 13th. In progress. Stable, not up, not down. Right after my last update I got a gymmembership and have been getting into the habit of going. I average about twice a week and my primary goal is stamina for the time being. I’ll need to start making some real effort towards this goal. My weight has been stable over the past year and a half, but I need to drop some or I’ll never fit my pretty jeans again and I vowed to never become my mother. I want to keep at a healthy weight!

I think the conclusion from my progression of my health goals is that while I didn’t hit the targets I set in the way I wanted to… I am healthier and happier than how I started in January. I’m incredibly happy about it all! Being able to sleep normally has been an incredible relief. I think I can write and analyse this a lot more than I’m revealing right now… I probably will because what  the heck, it’s my blog.

Project Move


I’ve taken down the tab for project move and moved the idea to the background. Project move was about leaving my province for a while, a few months, to figure out what I wanted to do or if I maybe wanted to live elsewhere for a while. I had always felt restless and never at peace or at home here on PEI. I seem to have found some peace with where I am, and my love for this place has grown. I don’t feel the need to leave for the time being. I want to focus on financial goals however so that it still remains a possibility, and of course I want to keep traveling! I’ll be able to plot and plan more once my house sells.

1. Save a $10k emergency fund. Fail. No change at all here. I’m at about 3k now, I’m aiming for 3750 by the end of the year so not even close to target!

2. Finish and sell my house by the end of the year. In progress. My house is finished! It’s for sale! The rest is a waiting game, while I wait I’ll continue to save for other projects, like the roof. Houses need maintenance perpetually..

3. Get rid of stuff. In progress. This goal was called: “Finish digitizing all my files that are able to be digitized.” Initially I was only focused on office files but there’s so much more crap in my life I don’t need. It’s slow, but progressing. I don’t keep anything that doesn’t make me happy. This goal wasn’t very good, it’s not measurable. It’s a lifestyle change I have taken up mostly successfully.

Other financial goals

money money money
money money money

1. RSP balance of $3,000. Done! This one is just going to keep trucking along. I contribute $60 monthly (split 35/25) Hit this at the end of October. :) I’ve now increased my contributions to $42.00 bi-weekly, it’s not much but the trickle counts and I’m not comfortable dumping too much in here because it’s hard to get out in emergencies… I don’t have enough in my emergency fund if something REALLY bad was to happen so, playing it conservative. Re-evaluate in January.

2. Cuba/hot-spring vacation, $1,200. Done!  It was amazing.

3. Short camping trip funded out of pocket in July. Longer world-trip in August/September. In progress. Done! I didn’t go camping, cancelled the idea. I did go to Ireland and the Netherlands as planned, and am heading to Florida for 9 days with R. at the end of this month! I am looking forward to it. Since I perpetually save for travel in my two travel-savings accounts (1. for for whatever trip I’m planning next and 2. for the trip after that, I contribute to both of them weekly, I’ll always have some cash aside for not only the up and coming trip, but also already for what comes my way after that!)  I had the money sitting ready so there isn’t much to plan financially for my upcoming getaway

4. A networth of $70,000. In progress.  I’m sitting at 60,500 at the moment. An increase from the start of the year. If everything keeps going as is I’ll cross $62k by the end of the year. Anything else… I guess I’ll see what the end of the year will bring. I did have extra income this summer again but I ended up pouring most of it into the house and I’ll be honest, I didn’t budget or plan or work on savings or networth very much this year.

And that about sums it up!

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I write about my life, travel and my financial up and downs on my blog, Nickel By Nickel, while contradicting myself daily. ;)

2 thoughts on “Networth October

  1. Congrats on the networth. That’s pretty impressive!
    I recently got a FitBit myself. It was part of a fitness program at work. I was skeptical at first but now find it a lot of fun. I started at 9,000/day and have worked up to about 13,000/day just by making some small changes. It’s cool to track and monitor my progress. 🙂


    1. Thanks! Thats a nice average per day, its addictive to keep tracking huh, i love the fitbit and i do hope they do a renewal of the flex. Its the ideal version. Keep it up!


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