Kicking Bad Habits 4: Tim Horton’s, I can probably do without you for a while.

On March 15th I kicked off a 30 day no Tim’s challenge. I buy a breakfast sandwich combo on average weekly, and pick up a cup of tea on an almost daily basis these days. I read Bridget’s post yesterday on the price versus the cost of non-necessities this week and it relates. Like Bridget, I will hit my financial goals anyway, regardless of whether I spend $50 at Tim Horton’s every month. I am a penny pincher and I do think every bit helps but I’m not kicking Timmies because I think I might save a few extra dollars as I have before, that’s just a happy side-effect (I hope) in the end.

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source below

The self-imposed 30-day Tim’s ban has more to do with my health and lifestyle than money. It’s in a similar vein as when some years ago I tackled my coffee habit, my watching tv habit and my bad language habit. (To update on those: I got rid of my show and film habit along with the shitty ex and cable and never looked back, I only drink coffee when out and about or when travelling and well, I still use bad words sometimes in my down time but continue to expand my vocabulary 🙂 )

Back to Tim’s. I enjoy eating out, I enjoy picking a restaurant and spending some time with a friend or family and enjoying food. I allot for an eating out budget every month and am not generally too upset when I go over. I don’t mind spending more than a few dollars on a nice meal. I like food. I am a foodie. (my waistline attests) and, in an attempt to keep my waistline under control as I turn 30 this year, Tim’s is out. The breakfast sandwiches taste pretty good,but they aren’t as good  or healthy as the breakfast recipes I have yet to try to make, Tim’s is a convenience that adds little to my overall life.

When I set my goals for 2015 I also made quite a few lifestyle related goals. I wanted to get my sleeping pattern under control, which I have, eat better, move more, read more. All around self-improvement. To become a better version of me, year after year. I want to expand my cooking and baking skills, bring more lunches, and make eating out an even more enjoyable and special occasion of sorts when I do go out… PLUS I would rather have one or two nice dinners a month and bucks to drop on them than a daily tea on my drive to work. The latter does little for my social life and as I mentioned, my skinny jeans. So until April 15th, Tim’s is out and my kettle is in. Perhaps after that, I’ll stick with it for good.

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3 thoughts on “Kicking Bad Habits 4: Tim Horton’s, I can probably do without you for a while.

  1. I gave up coffee from Tim’s & Starbucks since November. To be honest, as a major coffee drinker, it was tough for the first few weeks but now I don’t even notice it and prefer tea at work.


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