25 Goals for 2015 – April summary

2015-03-30 16.11.58

Here we go again! Let’s sit down and take a look. I deleted a few goals that I no longer need to track for the rest of the year.


2. Save & splurge on a nice new purse in the spring. I’m still drooling over this one.
3. Sell my house. In progress
4. Savings – Emergency $571.59/month. Fail. .
5. Savings – Retirement TFSA/RSP  $105.53/month. Done.
6. Savings – Vehicle fund $17.33/month. Done.
7. Savings – Future House  $41.66/month. Done.
8. Travel expense 2015 $1,500 jan – oct. In progress. I went to Florida!
9. Networth of $72,000.  In progress.

Well, I failed one of my financial goals… my emergency fund contributions were less important than going to Florida for 10 days. But it was awesome! I am now behind $261.24 this month and $200 from last month. That means in May I need to drop $1,032.82 into my emergency fund to keep on target. Um, I might not be able to do that… I will try?

My trip to Florida ended up costing about $1,000 Canadian excluding some clothes and underwear shopping.

Financially for May I want to work on building up a larger buffer in my chequeing as well, I’m thinking a minimum amount of about $1,000, for peace of mind and to really truly start living off last months pay.


10. Visit Cape Breton. Haven’t done anything with this yet.
13. Go camping in the Magdalen Island for a week. Haven’t done anything with this yet.


15. Lose 30 for 30. In progress. 
16. Track food, journal, exercise daily. Done.
17. Go swimming once a week. Fail.
18. Complete c25k a second time by April 30, 2015. Fail. (Also I quit this one)
19. Start weighing in weekly by June 30, 2015. Haven’t done anything with this yet.
20. Average steps per day 8,500. Done! 10,881 daily average!
21. Read more: read 30 books this year. In progress.
22. Wear out shoes, don’t buy more, reduce total amount of shoes owed. In progress.
23. Complete the #100happydays challenge. In progress.
24. Finish two bible studies. Done.
25. Keep track of these goals weekly here. Done.

I’m generally well on track with my health goals. I was reading a forum I frequent yesterday and it really made me think twice about the whole kids and family thing. I want to be the best I can be. I’m turning 30 this year, it’s time to take care of myself and I’ve run out of time to keep coming up with excuses. My step average was 10,881 this past month which is great! Hopefully I can keep that up again in May!

I went swimming a few times in Florida but didn’t go swimming at home at all. After twisting my knee after I fell on ice at home and then again at work two days later at the end of March my knee has been bothering me so a second go around of c25k isn’t going to happen. I also realized over the winter that I really enjoy walking and hiking outside. I love being outside! But running was more something I did to get a sweat and a workout in, I never quite loved it. Because of that and the bum knee I think I can cross that one off my list permanently

On the job front, two more no thank you emails, one application with no response and I entered into two other job pools. Didn’t apply for as many jobs as I should have this month. The last 6 months of my job contract start next week… Trying to keep calm and have faith that  all will work out just fine. 🙂

Cottage rentals are picking up even more though, I’m now expecting 150% of what I earned last year with cottage cleaning and renting.  I also decided to rent out my own house as a seasonal rental to cover some of my carrying costs. Any bit will help.

And that rounds off April, May is looking like a busy month, getting my planters ready, prepping my house for rental and my cottage job starts soon, yay!

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I write about my life, travel and my financial up and downs on my blog, Nickel By Nickel, while contradicting myself daily. ;)

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