25 goals for 2015 – May summary

It’s May! I just love spring and it took so long to arrive here in PEI, it was like the snow was never ever going to melt. I got some seeds started in egg trays in late April and some of the beans and cucumber plants seem to be doing well in their pots now.Continue reading “25 goals for 2015 – May summary”

DIY – Adventures in soap making!

Back in October I ended up buying an industrial sized drum of 35% peroxide and a 25kg bag of Lye from a guy off Kijiji. He was using it for woodworking (so he says, but who knows, maybe he was making drugs :-o) Anyway, so I ended up paying something like $35 bucks or somethingContinue reading “DIY – Adventures in soap making!”

Why I don’t really blog anything useful anymore.

You’ve probably noticed this website is mainly a personal finance diary these days. When I was a young and eager (ha!) blogger I did at times try to write useful articles about things that I felt were relevant. Like how to cut down utility bills, get out of debt and other general personal finance stuff.Continue reading “Why I don’t really blog anything useful anymore.”

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