A very late summary of my 2015, financially speaking.

Well, hey!

It’s been a while.

I want to go over the goals I set for 2015:

1. Stop using overdraft, live on last periods pay. Reach by end of February. Success!
2. Save and splurge on a nice new purse in the spring.  Cancelled this goal
3. Sell my house. Fail.
4. Max emergency fund to $10,000. Fail. .
5. Retirement TFSA/RSP combined* goal +$1,266.38; $4,500. Success!
6. Vehicle fund goal 2015 $208. Cancelled this goal
7. Future House 2015 $500. Cancelled this goal
8. Travel expense 2015 $1,500 jan – oct, after that is work depending. Success! (on target)
9. Last but not least a networth of $72,000. Cancelled this goal
10. Visit Cape Breton  Cancelled this goal, for this year
12. Go to East to West music festival in Moncton, NB Festival got cancelled! 😦
13. Go camping in the Magdalen Island for a week Cancelled in lieu of other travel plans!
14. Get up at 08:00/08:30 five days per week. Success!
15. Lose 30 for 30. Success!
16. Track food and  journal exercise daily. Success!
17. Go swimming once a week (incl. in gym membership) Fail.
18. Complete c25k a second time by April 30, 2015 Success!
19. Start weighing in weekly by June 30, 2015. Success!
20. Average steps per day 8,500 Success!
21. Read more: read 30 books this year. Fail
22. Wear out shoes, don’t buy more, reduce total amount of shoes owed. Success!
23. Complete the #100happydays challenge. Success!
24. Finish two bible studies. Success!
25. Keep track of these goals weekly here. Fail.

About half are green, that’s great! As the year went on I changed priorities and some goals got cancelled to focus on other better things. There were four goals I didn’t make that I had wanted to but in the end that’s okay. I made progress in 2015. Nothing huge but… well some huge! I finally tackled the big $21,000 line of credit I had (house debt) and paid off every single cent over the year.

It’s June now and I’ve almost already forgotten until yesterday I sat down and looked at statements. I paid off $21,000 in a year. That’s pretty awesome!

The most notable improvements last year was in my health and routine. I feel like I keep writing about this since 2014 but there truly is still month-month improvement, every so small. Every time I think I can’t possibly go further, there is an even better day.  I wake up at a normal time, work at a normal time, and am asleep around midnight. I no longer struggle with not getting enough daylight! It has now been  been 3 years since I stopped night and overnight work (which I did for a few years) and this took the longest time to adjust. It is the combination of many factors, I bought a wake up light, forced myself into better sleeping habits, stopped taking the allergy medication that contributed to my night terrors, (mostly kicked depressions arse) lost weight, picked up my love for biking once more and ended the year at 148 pounds and with a healthy bmi, much fitter and stronger and mentally healthier than thew past few years!

2016-06-02 17.39.36
Riding the trails by myself.

According to my vivofit 2015 was my most active year to date, averaging 10,300 steps per day. Yeah!

I also ended up getting glasses for astigmatism in November and have been reading so much more since then. I have always been somebody who loves to read, throughout elementary and highschool books were my friends. Gradually the past five years orso the amount of reading I did decreased more and more. I also stopped blogging and stopped reading many blogs. I am convinced that my needing glasses was a contributing factor to all of this. I went for an eye test, havign not gone for at least five years and the doctor gave me some glasses to try, she said, you may benefit from them but it’s up to you. I wasn’t fully convinced, I saw a small difference but decided to give it a shot anyway and spent $50 ordering two pairs of glasses from Zenni.

I wear them every waking moment now. Life is blurry and less pleasant without my glasses!

Here’s a picture of that haha;



So, that was my 2015. 2016 has been not so exciting until now and the only financial decision I did make was to start prepaying the rest of my mortgage to become 100% debt-free. (for as long as  I still have this house I am still stuck with this mortgage) I need to set some goals and workout some plans that I had been working on, business and personal.

What’s new in your world?

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