Link-Love #25

The last link-love post I posted was back in March, 2014. Woah! I hadn’t realised I’d been absent so long, of course along the way I’ve read plenty of interesting things, start with;

This Battered Suitcase, Brenna Holeman, one of my favourite I-wish-I-was-this-chick-bloggers wrote a piece on being busy. You can find it here. 

To touch on being busy and feeling guilty for not being busy… Today I spent the entire day doing gloriously nothing. Work and travel has kept me busy enough and today I slept until 13:30… 1:30PM! And then did nothing. I have accomplished almost nothing today besides writing. I feel incredibly guilty and pushed to do things all the time but I need times of nothing. That shows that some nothing in my life is required to give me time to rest my brain, feel a little less overwhelmed and write. Anyway, go read the article, that’s just my personal touch on that today!

I also liked this post on a blog I just found today: Our Next LifeResist the pull of the echo chamber in retirement. Surrounding yourself with only like-minded people doesn’t allow for personal growth, in short. My recent experience with this is that recently a girl I know through internet forums abruptly deleted me from Facebook because she was so personally insulted by the article I shared (which I didn’t even write!) It reminds me to be more open, to continue to learn from opposing views and actions and to not burry myself in my own little cave with only things i agree with and like.

On to… election-y stuff. I’ll admit that on Tuesday night I stayed up, despite being absolutely exhausted. I kept refreshing twitter and the NYT elections page to see what was happening. I was on edge. I am not a Canadian Citizen (I may be in the future) but Canada is my home and what happens in the USA affects us over here + I like to travel to the US. I didn’t root for either candidate, they both badmouthed eachother so I was more watching to see what would happen. Trump or HIllary? My cousin posted this article the next day: It’s going to be okay. From Wait but Why, by Tim Urban.

And also, Finding Contentment in Well Enough by She Picks up Pennies. I have little to add. The PF atmosphere can be daunting and is glaringly different than any broke people in my immediate surroundings. I feel at times just fine and well enough, and other times absolutely falling short and failing at personal finance in general.

And that’s it, that’s a wrap. See you all next week with my next post on job hunting… HAAA 😀


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I write about my life, travel and my financial up and downs on my blog, Nickel By Nickel, while contradicting myself daily. ;)

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