Credit card roulette: BMO World Elite MasterCard

Too much time passed since my last credit card application 😉 so I figured, why not do another!  A few weeks ago I received this targeted personalized offer in my email to upgrade my simple no annual fee BMO Airmiles creditcard to the BMO Air Miles World Elite MasterCard (that’s a mouthful!)

This card isn’t a card I usually qualify for as it has an income requirement of $80,000. Some people doing these deals do sneaky things and inflate income, according to posts I’ve read on Flyertalk. I don’t. There is a public offer out right now for this card if you just go out and apply for it. You can read all the details and comments here on RFD. (Yes, I get much of my info from the internets, don’t you?)

It’s a great deal, 3000 Airmiles, companion flight rebate, first year free, after a $3,000 spend in the first 3 months and also Priority pass member ship with 2 free passes. The deal I got isn’t quite as good but given that I don’t fulfil the normal income requirement… I can’t complain!

I get 1,500 bonus Airmiles after a $1,000 spend, first year free and also the priority pass membership with 2 free passes.

I applied last week and woohoo! I got it! It showed up in the mail fairly quickly and I destroyed my old card and started using the new one.

Since Tom got the card as well we hope to use his  Airmiles to go to NYC again next summer! Since i’ll also be sitting on some Airmiles and I expect to be able to collect some more I hope to use my Airmiles to visit Newfoundland next year, and just pay the tax. 🙂


BUT WHY!? (A summary I also noted on my last creditcard related post)


Why do I do this? To afford travel, travel will never be totally free as there are always costs involved but travel hacking has allowed me to see and do things I wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise.


Does it hurt my credit? No!

I keep tabs on my creditscore using; my score updates every Monday, I request my free Equifax report once a year and am generally watchful of whats happening on my credit.

I also have a fraud warning on my profile to verify identification prior to extending credit as I previously had a compromised creditcard.

Is it illegal?  Very much no.  There is no trickery here: just reading the fine print, getting a credit card and using it what its intended for; spending and then reaping the rewards. Yes I change cards a little more often than the average joe but I’d stick with a card if it was rewarding enough. I’m a huge fan of the American Express Gold card for its benefits for example and if I weren’t being tempted by other companies would consider that a solid card for every day spending.

Does it hurt my ability for future big things like buying a house? Not really!

As I am not currently in the market for any car or home related loans I have no problem continuing this game. With any new application my score may drop a few points, usually nothing big and sometimes there is no change at all. This application had zero effect on my score with TransUnion and BMO verifies through Equifax. Were this to change and were I to need to start shopping for a mortgage or something big I would take the appropriate actions, shut a few things down and slow down my applications but for now… happy travel hacking!

Have you ever tried travel hacking?

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