How to work part-time as a workaholic.

I can’t figure it out…..:p

Back in June 24, 2018 I wrote about planning for a sooner rather than later retirement. Like many PF bloggers I’ve moved from getting my financial life in order, to becoming debt-free, to choosing to become financially independent. From the beginning it’s always been by goal to become financially independent. The entire reason I began getting my finances in order is because of the ultimate reward of financial independence. 

To me financial independence means having enough money in the bank and passive income to sustain my basic monthly and annual expenses, to be able to walk away from any job at any moment if I choose, and to be able to pursue things like helping others, hobbies, and further learning as well as having my own family with no worries.

One of my contracts in 2017 was a total disaster, and a prime example of the reason I want to be FI. In my post about it I wasn’t overly negative, that was actually REALLY hard. My manager was a terrible match, I was bullied by a co-worker, and I should have walked away after a few months but decided to sit out the 7 month contract. 2018 led me to an amazing contract with amazing co-workers, and I was sad to leave in October when I took off to a) study, once again and b) travel around the world for 3 months with my SO. 

For those of you who have perhaps read this blog before you know that I not only have one job, I usually have multiple gigs on the go. My primary gig for a long time and when I started this blog was a small commercial cleaning company (1) operated by my family for over a decade, for which I am now solely responsible, it’s not big but it definitely keeps me occupied and I’ve hummed and hawed about leaving it behind but have been hoping to keep it going for just a little while longer to recoup some more ROI. Aside from that I’ve kept myself busy with a couple of government employment contracts in two different agencies (2), rentals of seasonal properties for others (YAY AIRBNB!) (3) and Sidehustle X (4) – a little company on the side that I’ve been working on for a couple of years with Tom.

I guess that’s all to say that despite me quitting a full-time contract AND leaving the country to travel AND enrolling in an online course through Athabasca… I haven’t QUITE managed to actually start working part-time, rather than full-time.  😆 

I need a how-to manual on how-to-actually-work-part-time.

I’m making good progress to becoming financially independent, and in some ways I already am a lot more financially free than most people… I just wish I could figure out how to balance EVERYTHING. 

Published by Renée

I write about my life, travel and my financial up and downs on my blog, Nickel By Nickel, while contradicting myself daily. ;)

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