Vegan: 60 days.

Happy Monday everyone! I know it’s not Monday but it was a long weekend here on PEI, so today is definitely monday-y!

Last month I wrote an entry on exploring a world without meat. It was probably a bit random given this is a personal finance blog most of the time. 😮 Today marks 1,440 hours (thank you phone timer! haha) , or approximately 60 days since choosing to go animal-free.

We didn’t start off totally 100% committed to being vegan, at least I didn’t, but it has turned in to that and as days pass by it has turned into that there is just no other choice for us – environmentally speaking, health reasons, compassionately…

Tom’s doing it for health reasons, I’m changing ways for ethical AND health reasons. I spent one day working on a battery-cage chicken farm when I was 11, it was absolutely awful… it took until age 33 to stop eating chicken.

I made it! Crispy tofu with teriyaki soy & green onions

Things I’ve learned

  1. Animal products are everywhere, it’s hidden in everything and that is completely unnecessary! Dairy-free creamer that contains milk-protein? What? (And that’s perfectly allowable apparently?!)
Non-dairy you say?
Sodium caseinate… a milk derivative. Oh.. you lied? Ok!

2. I have (had) an unhealthy dependence on cheese, only after about 45 days have my cravings for cheese dissipated. I ate way too much cheese and have never been able to do the whole moderation thing with it. I craved the fatty, salty stuff. It also tended to make me terribly bloated. I’ve tried a couple of non-dairy cheeses made in my town and they’re pretty good! I’m not committed to a dairy-cheese-free life just yet, I think it’s perfectly possible to have some cheese from a local farm. We have family friends that farm, they love their cows and treat them well – I mean they do die in the end but I don’t think it is inherently wrong to eat an animal.. I do think how things are done and how the stuff ends up in stores is very very very wrong so I choose not to partake in THAT any further.

3. Spices! Recipes! Baking! Cereals! I have done SO MUCH learning! I’ve tried so many new things I otherwise would have. Even IF this ends up not being a forever-change, I will have a ton of new ideas and a very much expanded spice cabinet to come along – which is also awesome for my finances; homecooking = money saved. 🙂

Peanut butter brownies; absolutely amazing, totally vegan; courtesy of this gal

4. Health… I feel fantastic, I’ve lost a couple of pounds without trying. (some reading suggests that vegan diets naturally reduce the amount of calories eaten per day without purposeful calorie restriction) Tom says I look about 5-10 pounds lighter, he also feels great. I never get that ‘heavy’ feeling after a meal anymore. All purely anecdotal.

I was trying to find some scientific studies on this for ya’all but I’m feeling fairly lazy and felt this gives a good glimpse of the benefits of going vegan.

I’d offer you a brownie in closing, but we already at them all. Toodles!

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I write about my life, travel and my financial up and downs on my blog, Nickel By Nickel, while contradicting myself daily. ;)

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