Last December I put an appliance on a payment plan… Hello, new me!

The picture gives it away, YES! I bought a Vitamix!! Note: This post shall not contain any affiliate links or other Vitamix shilling 😉 (unlike I came across trying to research the models they have!).

I have been wanting one, DROOLING, over one of these things for years… probably a decade.. like my entire adult life a Vitamix has been a dream appliance I desperately wanted to have. I got by with a little magic bullet for many years for making smoothies, they’re very handy to make single servings but not powerful enough to make hummus or almond milk. Tom mentioned to me about a year and a half ago that he knew they occasionally did sales on refurbs/reconditioned units so we started watching. He actually suggested he would gift me one for my birthday, guess who forgot about that. 🤔

Anywho, late December we noticed they went on clearance locally at Canadian Tire… but like most good things “clearance” just meant a slight discount so I started watching the website for reconditioned units and they finally came on again! I was able to purchase a certified reconditioned unit for $341.50CAD tax incl., and used a couple of coupons to get free shipping, a 3 piece spatula set and the cookbook and a slight discount. I was also able to use ebates to receive a cash back of $17.05.

I selected the red, certified reconditioned program, with 5 year warranty and 64 oz container. (link to Vitamix website here – no referral shenanigans). There appears to be a bit of variety in sizes and it was important to me that the base was slim and not wide. On the Vitamix website the wide base appear to be the low-profile option so they can sit under the top cabinets in the kitchen.. that’s not important to me. A slim base is! Costco (both US and Canada) actually had similar models for similar pricing but with a 64oz container with the wider base, which isn’t handy for single serving smoothies. This 64oz option WILL make a big single serving smoothie :).

The model I chose has the preset options for smoothies, soup and frozen deserts which are very handy as you just put your stuff in and can be otherwise occupied chopping or wiping or setting out things while the blender blends.

When I went to check out… fully prepared to put this thing on my MasterCard I was given the option of doing a payment plan instead, also on my MasterCard.. 5 payments of $68.30 with the first payment then. Sure? Why not!

So I did, I signed up for a payment plan ON AN APPLIANCE! No regrets! Is this me? Who am I!?

Hahaha, 😀 I thought it was a good way to spread the cost a bit without pillaging my savings. As of today I’ll have 1 payment left to go. (5 payments: Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr).

The machine arrived a few weeks after I ordered it in January and I didn’t actually get the opportunity to use it very much as we took off to the Rockies for a snowboard/ski trip right after it arrived. BUT over the last 6 weeks this thing has had a bunch of use trying new things. I am not going to pretend we use it every day but it is as useful and needed in our kitchen as the flourmill and rice cooker; we use it often! When we received the Vitamix I didn’t actually know you can make HOT soup in these things. Tom explained it to me, found a recipe for tomato soup and we tried it… let me tell you, 1000% better than Campbells canned tomato soup!

Please send me all your Vitamix recipes and suggestions! Stay tuned, next month I might be writing that I got a car loan too…. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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I write about my life, travel and my financial up and downs on my blog, Nickel By Nickel, while contradicting myself daily. ;)

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