Home-made orange cleaner

I’ve made this stuff before, I think I may have also blogged about it? My archives need a clean-up but I’ll see if I can dig up that info later. I can’t find the post right now.

Way back when I lived in the littlest house  I made this cleaning vinegar but a) I didnt make it strong enough, thinking just a few peels floating in vinegar would do it and b) never really followed through with using it.

I’ve been interested in Zero Waste and more of a homesteading-type lifestyle for quite some time and so last year I made a batch of home made orange cleaner again. This time round though I stuffed the jar full of various citrus peels. It worked wonderfully and I’ve been using the spray mostly in the kitchen for cleaning up.

Up until late April last year I ran a commercial cleaning services company that we voluntarily closed up, so I was always around serious chemical SHIT and that made it hard to bother going natural and non-store bought at home.. especially when there is always SOME product not being used by staff and just sitting on a shelf collecting dust. So I was always using up leftovers from work at home.. rather than throwing things out.

Since April 2019 though there’s been no more commercial cleaning stuff and anything left around the house has been used up. Last year during orange season I made orange vinegar by soaking peels in white vinegar and letting them ferment in the pantry for a few weeks before straining, as I said, works great in the kitchen.

I’ve nearly run out of that version now and with the lovely grapefruits coming out of Florida lately, I’ve made some more by stuffing the peels in a mason jar halfway filled with white vinegar. I’m excited because it smells lovely. I’ll leave this quart jar in the pantry for a few weeks, and if quality [eating] oranges or citrus are available again when I return for shopping I may do a double ferment by straining the spent peels and restuffing the already infused vinegar with fresh peels as we eat the citrus. Depends though, quality citrus fruit availability here in Canada is awful.. especially once you’ve eaten citrus straight off the trees in orchards in warmer climates before. The shipped and refrigerated ones that end up here just DO NOT compare.

But occasionally we do get some tasty ones and its nice to be able to use the whole fruit efficiently! The spent peels will be direct-composted into the gardens and vegetable beds.

I like using this as a diluted spray (water) in the kitchen, for counters, and also cleaning toilets and sinks here and there. For mirrors I now use pure white vinegar, and in the toilets baking soda does a fine job. (Having finally run out of Comet – post cleaning company). The only thing I haven’t found a great working more natural replacement for is the glass shower, we have water filters but the hard water still stains and the vinegar does NOT do well cleaning it.

Anyway, that is my pinterest-y post for the day. Got anything else fun I can make?

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I write about my life, travel and my financial up and downs on my blog, Nickel By Nickel, while contradicting myself daily. ;)

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