Switchel-wha? [awesome summer drink I had never heard of until last week]

I came across this recipe two days ago, probably something related to analytics in suggested content – who cares, because this stuff is awesome! If you like refreshing drinks that is!

Apparently this gingery-vinegary concoction is old as the hills and showed up in The Little House on the Prairie – which I watched as a kid but I’ve no recollection of this magic potion.

There is even a Wikipedia page on this Switchel-concoction; check that out here!(if you want, that is)

I ended up basing my version of Switchel on a recipe I found on Rural Sprout, CAUTION BEFORE YOU SEARCH: these guys have monetized like crazy and the ads are ridiculous on Rural Sprout so I will not link to them but feel free to search. 🙂 I am obviously being targeted by some cookie analytics because this showed up as a suggested link for me, despite that I absolutely DESPISE Rural Sprout for their pushy monetization.

Anywho.. back to this crazy named concoction. I’m telling you, I LOOOOOVE lemonade and I LOOOOVE tea and I love tangy drinks and fermented drinks and kombucha is the bomb. So I pretty much opened that link, saw this interesting thing and read the rest as I put together the ingredients in my kitchen – phone in the other hand.

Its a short fermented drink thats great for summer using only a few common ingredients: water/acv/sweetener and a flavour put together in a combination to your liking.

How to make:

For my batch I used a quart sized mason jar, added 1/4 cup of honey and 1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar (with the mother) , a couple of cups of warm water to help mix in the honey, then I added a couple of table spoons of lemon juice and a dash of ginger and turmeric. I let all of this sit on the counter for two days in a quart sized mason jar, or rather, I was /supposed/ to let all of this sit on the counter for two days. 😉 There is supposed to be a period of short fermentation but in my experiences with sourdough and sourkrout as well as rejuvelac, there isn’t a huge amount of fermentation in such a short period – only a little and the taste will be very, very mild. You then pour it over ice and add half water, or soda or whatever you like to your tastes. I went with just water and ice.

I didn’t have fresh ginger for the recipe so I just used some powdered ginger, I added a dash of turmeric making the colour of the drink golden yellow. I let it sit on the counter for 24 hours before I decided I was thirsty and had some poured over ice with another half of water. I love it. I may reduce the vinegar a tiny bit next time. It would also be really nice with a splash of OJ or a dash of cinnamon… I’m excited to try it with a can of soda as well, in a big glass on a warm day.

I love that it’s low cal and thus waistline friendly (I was not naturally blessed with the ability to stay slim so I suspect I will be watching my intake for the rest of my life, tangent).

Switchel is lemonade-y, electrolyte friendly, tangy, sweet, cheap, good for the body and very refreshing.

I can see how this is very enjoyable after a hot, long day outside. 🙂

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