Dear Advertiser

If you haven’t heard from me in a few weeks, you never will. Send me a budget and I will consider responding. I am also adopting a new policy of name&shame, for those of you that don’t actually bother to do any work and just skim my email.

Really? A cursory glance at my contact page would have given you my name. But it’s probably a bot… so who am I talking to anyway.

I recently began the process of importing and saving local, off-line copies of all my email inboxes, with that, I’m deleting anything not relevant. It has only been a few days and my main inbox is importing emails from 2014 now but it’s like a glass bottle of coke on a hot dry summer day. Refreshing!

I’ll be tagging this post on my contact page.

Published by Renée

I write about my life, travel and my financial up and downs on my blog, Nickel By Nickel, while contradicting myself daily. ;)

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