Letting a bill go without paying: Webhosting, system inflexibility and my own stupidity.

I started this blog as a wordpress.com monstrosity back in 2009. It officially became NickelbyNickel in 2010. For a while I just ran the free blog but eventually I thought, well, I want to join the big leagues so with a lot of struggling I managed to switch to a selfhosted blog. At the time, I chose Dreamhost and I remained with them for nearly 10 years. In April of 2020 I decided I had paid enough and wasn’t exactly raking in money by the boatload so I wanted to cancel the hosting-stuff.

Being rather not technically inclided when it comes to hosting websites… I transferred my domain from Dreamhost over to WordPress and imported my blog and cancelled… something, in my Dreamhost panel. I thought that was sufficient… because why continue to pay for hosting when you’ve ported your website elsewhere…let me tell you, it was not! Dreamhost has been great, so this isn’t entirely a reflection on them.. moreso on the inflexibility of these systems and my own ineptitude.

In November I noticed I was still getting renewal notices to pay for hosting, and found I was unable to actually close my account with them on the panel without being forced through a pay-portal to pay for another year. Of course that wasn’t going to happen so I wrote to them… and explained what I had done. The reply was… not helpful.

And this didn’t really help me any further. I had tried to do this originally in April and when I literally removed my blog from being registered with Dreamhost I really thought that was sufficient. Why pay for hosting with Dreamhost when I moved the domain to a free domain? In my brain this logic works but I suppose theres reasons and ways you might be registered with one place, and hosted by another. In any case, at the time I couldn’t figure out how to close the account and thought I had made the appropriate steps. But I hadn’t, so I explained this to Dreamhost assuming that somehow, somewhere someone might be able to adjust this thing so I could close this account.

No, no they couldn’t. So I wrote them again, explaining my stupidity… this stuff is more complicated than I have brain space for. It’s just not my thing. I’m better off with a free blog because my knowledge of SEO, css, html and scripting-mumbo-jumbo is obviously shit. So, I wrote them and explained this. I wasn’t aware that webhosting – when I pay ahead, like a prepaid phone contract – was an auto renewed service… that… you…. cant? cancel? since previously any time I’d been late I’d get hit with so many “please pay asap so your hosting continues or we will cancel your hosting”-emails that I’d really assumed… no pay, no host. But apparently that’s not entirely the case…

The response this time was no more helpful:

So, at the end of it all. I decided to let the bill go unpaid. Leading me to more of these emails:

IF you want to get really technical. There were no services rendered. But I guess I can’t convince anyone there to turn off their stupid automatic billing. I can’t afford the $120USD on frivolous internet spending that I don’t do anything with. I tried to make good with the company and explain my stupidity and in the end… I’ll just look at the emails accumulating in my inbox and feel bad that for the first time in my life… I’m ignoring a bill with my name on it. It all feels a bit surreal and I guess that this is our world now.


Published by Renée

I write about my life, travel and my financial up and downs on my blog, Nickel By Nickel, while contradicting myself daily. ;)

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