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  • Unsubscribe day – the annual event - It’s funny how I find myself signed up for email after email, and, on average once a year unsubscribe from everywhere to get to Inbox Zero… only to start all over again and repeat the process next year. Credit to Merlin Mann.
  • Health and struggles - At the end of winter, there is a season in which we are daily expecting spring, and finally a day when it arrives.—Journal, 8 March 1853 (Henry Thoreau) Being human nearly always equals struggle. Some more, some less. We all struggle in some form from time to time, and time again. I’ve had my share;Continue reading "Health and struggles"
  • On solitary domesticity - This past year has left me contemplative of relationships, familial and otherwise. I don’t have a large circle of friends, I do have a larger family but we don’t see each other as much nor do we all enjoy each-others company all the time. This has left me with a bit of a gap thisContinue reading "On solitary domesticity"
  • Corona and Barista-FI - It’s been a while since I’ve written about anything financial and I thought it’s about time I get back to the reason this blog exists: money. A little public navel-gazing has always helped me progress, so let’s have at it. Somewhere around 2015 I lost steam in tracking financial progress through blogging. You can seeContinue reading "Corona and Barista-FI"
  • Building moveable cold frames/row covers - This has been kind of a fun project we’ve tackled this year. Last year was the first year we had an actual vegetable garden. Tom didn’t really bother with the landscaping until I moved here (which was officially in about 2017, I think). He put most of his efforts into the house itself, so itsContinue reading "Building moveable cold frames/row covers"
  • Lupin project – update - Nearly three weeks ago I posted some musings on my Lupin-project, where I try to spread Lupins of various wild harvested types – voluntarily – in certain managed patches and plots on the land here. I have been doing extensive landscaping the past 2 months (which will be the subject of other posts) and IContinue reading "Lupin project – update"
  • Switchel-wha? [awesome summer drink I had never heard of until last week] - I came across this recipe two days ago, probably something related to analytics in suggested content – who cares, because this stuff is awesome! If you like refreshing drinks that is! Apparently this gingery-vinegary concoction is old as the hills and showed up in The Little House on the Prairie – which I watched asContinue reading "Switchel-wha? [awesome summer drink I had never heard of until last week]"
  • Island Lupins - Lupins are a PEI thing. Yes, in Europe they’re planted in gardens but here? Here they grow wild in ditches and create beautiful landscapes through late June and early July. Lupinus polyphyllus are considered an invasive species here (good, or bad, depends on the opinion-giver and substantiation) however, while Lupinus perrenis is native to NorthContinue reading "Island Lupins"
  • Home-made orange cleaner - I’ve made this stuff before, I think I may have also blogged about it? My archives need a clean-up but I’ll see if I can dig up that info later. I can’t find the post right now. Way back when I lived in the littlest house  I made this cleaning vinegar but a) I didntContinue reading "Home-made orange cleaner"
  • Moving again… - The blog though guys, chill, not me. (Although…I think, Tom has been driving me bonkers this quarantine season so who knows…). I should have done this ages ago! I started out this blog in what, 2009? I think? With a silly name on the free version of WordPress and within about 6 months I endedContinue reading "Moving again…"

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