The Littlest House

The end result, 8 years in the making.

On November 8, 2008 I took possession of my little house. In June 2014 I moved out to rent it out instead and in September 2014 I put it up for sale. On August 29th, 2016 I finally sold the thing. This page serves sort of a  commemorative marker, I will no longer update it as this project has been completely wrapped up. 🙂

When I finished my little house, this is what it looked like:

The littlest house – Finished Part 1
The littlest house – Finished Part 2

This page lists all the house related posts published on this blog.  I have not included posts that solely consider the financial side of things.

General house posts:
Why did I buy a house with no money?
Cool finds in old houses
Stripping and refinishing a set of pine stairs (with great results, check it out!)

Exterior stuff
9 Coats of Paint! (replacing the front door)
Decking out TLH part one
Decking out TLH part two
Airing things out with a new screen door.
Walkways and rocks

Porch Demolishing & New bedroom build
Let the renovations begin: Update on the mortgage situation
Demolishing the porch and building a new bedroom addition: Renovating: Demolition!
House update – Walls are going up!
A little house in progress
A little house in progress..part #2
A little house in progress…part #3
Finishing my new bedroom: Wherein I lay floors, hang ceiling fixtures , paint… and paint some more

Renovating a kitchen on the cheap

Project Bathroom
TLH: Project Bathroom
TLH: Project Bathroom continued…
TLH: Project bathroom, slow progress (part 3)

Sun-room (soon to be new entry & laundry room)
How to make reusable dryer sheets
How to make your own laundry detergent (Yeah, it works)
A simple sun-room update

This page was last updated on February 6, 2019.

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