Some Wednesdays I post photos.  Check out my Wednesday archive:

  • Wednesday: Phoenix, Arizona -
  • Wednesday: Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas - I spammed a ton of these photos on Instagram already as we visited Red Rock Canyon back in January. This place is so amazingly beautiful, if you have a chance to scramble it, do it! It was our second time visiting Vegas and we had an America The Beautiful annual pass again so we tookContinue reading "Wednesday: Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas"
  • Wednesday: Jerusalem - These are the streets of the old city of Jerusalem before the vendors set up and everyone wakes up. I was able to visit with Tom for a day last October, I can’t wait to return!
  • Wednesday: Gros Morne - Last August we took the opportunity that having a newer vehicle provides and drove from our sandbar (PEI) over to the rock (Newfoundland). We had a beautiful weekend and made it all the way up to l’Anse Aux Meadows, then back to grab the ferry from Port-aux-Basques to Cape Breton. It was too short andContinue reading "Wednesday: Gros Morne"
  • Wednesday – Fishing boats at Lauwersoog - My grandfather really used to love coming here, my grandmother did too. It’s a marina and shipyard and also swimming hole in the province I’m from, Groningen, the Netherlands. It faces the Wadden Sea. We visited again recently last October and it was a beautiful evening.
  • Wednesday: Neuschwanstein Castle – so beautiful! - I visited this castle for the second time in my life back in October, 2018 and it was amazing! You can learn more about this castle, that inspired the Disney version! over here.
  • Wednesday: Windsurfers at Dalvay, PEI - It was quite windy here last week when I pulled over to see who were using the sails I could see over the dunes. The middle guy made about ten feet of air before slamming down on the water again, it seems like a wild sport.
  • Wednesday; making friends with the wild at work - I came across this bugger on the beach in Eastern PEI last month. I’m used to seeing the brown and black woolly bear caterpillars so this one was a pretty sight! According to the internet they turn into tiger moths in the spring.
  • Wednesday: Staying in Puna, Hawaii - The amazing jungle of the Island, and our morning and evening view for a week from our cabin.
  • Wednesday: Waipio lookout, Big Island of Hawaii - I had the wonderful chance in September to spend 12 days in Hawaii. Big Island was amazing, so beautiful.


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