One more year? One more year!

The renewal for Nickel by Nickel is due tomorrow. I sortof contemplated letting it go because I really don’t write about personal finance anymore. I suppose that’s a chapter of my life now that isn’t necessarily closed…. it’s just no longer at the forefront. All I dream about these days is apple trees and growingContinue reading “One more year? One more year!”

A new adventure: Little Island Seed Co.

Those of you following me around on social media for a while probably know my fondness of nature. It follows quite naturally that I like to grow things! So I’ve started a little side project that can be found on Etsy here: Little Island Seed Co. on Etsy and of course it’s own website asContinue reading “A new adventure: Little Island Seed Co.”

Letting a bill go without paying: Webhosting, system inflexibility and my own stupidity.

I started this blog as a monstrosity back in 2009. It officially became NickelbyNickel in 2010. For a while I just ran the free blog but eventually I thought, well, I want to join the big leagues so with a lot of struggling I managed to switch to a selfhosted blog. At the time,Continue reading “Letting a bill go without paying: Webhosting, system inflexibility and my own stupidity.”

Italy: the land of pizza and… pastries.

Funny enough, this post has sat in my drafts for over 6 years. Intended to be finished, at some time, somewhere… but as usual I find myself with a wretched lack of time – despite becoming bored from time to time in this new season that 2020 brought. So without much further thought, I willContinue reading “Italy: the land of pizza and… pastries.”

Corona and Barista-FI

It’s been a while since I’ve written about anything financial and I thought it’s about time I get back to the reason this blog exists: money. A little public navel-gazing has always helped me progress, so let’s have at it. Somewhere around 2015 I lost steam in tracking financial progress through blogging. You can seeContinue reading “Corona and Barista-FI”