2019 wrap up + 2020 goals

As we’re about to hit the second month of 2020, I suppose it’s time I review my 2019 goals! I didn’t set many goals for 2019, my singular goal was to increase my passive income and networth. At the end of 2018 this is how things looked: As you can see, at $273 a monthContinue reading “2019 wrap up + 2020 goals”

You shouldn’t have to pay for your bank account

This week I finally went into the bank I’ve been with for almost 10 years to close one of my accounts there. My first bank accounts in Canada were with BMO and I’ve remained loyal to them so far. (Mainly because of the massive amounts of Airmiles I collect on personal and business credit cards)Continue reading “You shouldn’t have to pay for your bank account”