More quitting things: I said goodbye to Netflix.

Many of the things I do stem from random little ideas that slowly grow larger and larger until I have an entire plan formed in my head and it’s time for action. I haven’t had cable in years and never really cared for it, I grew up without it. (Internet however is a must) LastContinue reading “More quitting things: I said goodbye to Netflix.”

Getting through this renovation on a shoestring budget, alive and well.

I’ve got a big renovation going on at my house. Well, it hasn’t started yet but the bills have sure started rolling in! I’ve got my permits, my plans, my cost breakdown and a contractor lined up to do the work. Now, we’re just waiting to get started since he has another job to finishContinue reading “Getting through this renovation on a shoestring budget, alive and well.”

At a crossroads… should I refinance?

This is my one-hundredth post! If you haven’t done so already please consider subscribing to my blog and checking me out on Twitter! Someone in my family is in the process of buying a house and in conversation I was asked how I have my mortgage set up, you know… the rate, terms etc. ItContinue reading “At a crossroads… should I refinance?”

Take that, cellphone service provider!

Last month I wrote a post about how my mother saved 20% off her home phone/internet and tv package for the next year simply by phoning her utility company and notifying them that she had been offered a better deal. The company transferred her to a manager and she was offered a great deal becauseContinue reading “Take that, cellphone service provider!”

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