Corona and Barista-FI

It’s been a while since I’ve written about anything financial and I thought it’s about time I get back to the reason this blog exists: money. A little public navel-gazing has always helped me progress, so let’s have at it. Somewhere around 2015 I lost steam in tracking financial progress through blogging. You can seeContinue reading “Corona and Barista-FI”

Last December I put an appliance on a payment plan… Hello, new me!

The picture gives it away, YES! I bought a Vitamix!! Note: This post shall not contain any affiliate links or other Vitamix shilling 😉 (unlike I came across trying to research the models they have!). I have been wanting one, DROOLING, over one of these things for years… probably a decade.. like my entireContinue reading “Last December I put an appliance on a payment plan… Hello, new me!”

Credit card roulette: TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite Card

It’s been a little while since my last credit card application, a month or two i’d say, so high time to give it a try on another one! Here’s a screenshot of what I was eyeing up earlier today;   Please forgive the amount of notifications on my phones screenshot, I’m bad for ignoring them!Continue reading “Credit card roulette: TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite Card”

Road to debt-free; the last payment on my HELOC!!

I’ve been working my ass off this summer to get ahead, renting out my house, three other cottages, keeping my regular job and working on the side on weekends for someone else and… I just made the last $509.61 payment on my HELOC… it’s done! It’s paid off! I will do everything I can toContinue reading “Road to debt-free; the last payment on my HELOC!!”

25 goals for 2015 – May summary

It’s May! I just love spring and it took so long to arrive here in PEI, it was like the snow was never ever going to melt. I got some seeds started in egg trays in late April and some of the beans and cucumber plants seem to be doing well in their pots now.Continue reading “25 goals for 2015 – May summary”

25 Goals for 2015 – April summary

Here we go again! Let’s sit down and take a look. I deleted a few goals that I no longer need to track for the rest of the year. Financial 2. Save & splurge on a nice new purse in the spring. I’m still drooling over this one. 3. Sell my house. In progress 4. Savings –Continue reading “25 Goals for 2015 – April summary”

My studentloan; The final frontier!

Sorry for the lack of blog-updates these past two weeks. Work has been rather crazy and I’ve had a stomach-bug so I haven’t done much besides work and spend a lot of time in bed! Back to business today though starting with my student loan! As of today I owe $3,393.41 since beginning to tackleContinue reading “My studentloan; The final frontier!”

Why you shouldn’t cosign anything for a friend or relative.

My 20 year old sister called me last Monday and asked if I had enough credit to co-sign a loan (I do) for somebody (her of course) and my first response was a perfectly enunciated big fat NO. Why won’t I help my sister out you ask? I understand that she isn’t at the pointContinue reading “Why you shouldn’t cosign anything for a friend or relative.”

How interest is crippling your wealth building efforts.

If you’re new here – consider subscribing to this blog by filling in your email in the sidebar -> I’ve also joined Twitter, you can subscribe to my twitter feed here! You’ll get updates as they’re posted without having to come check in daily, pretty easy right!? – Andrea One of the cardinal rules toContinue reading “How interest is crippling your wealth building efforts.”