Spending; Week 3

Week 3 (Nov 1-7) Monday: + $0.08 ING Emergency Fund interest + $0.03 ING Travel Fund 2011 interest + $0.14 Ally Misc. savings interest + $125 Ally Misc. Savings + $36.15 ING Emergency Fund + $62.21 ING Travel Fund 2011 – $86.78 Health insurance – $2.86 Tim’s * – $14.61 Groceries * Tuesday: +NO SPENDContinue reading “Spending; Week 3”

October’s finances

Looking back: My financial goals for October were; – Make a $100 lump sum mortgage payment – Reach $500 in emergency savings – Contribute minimum towards student debt – Repay rest of debt dad – Work on getting vehicle fixed(license, registration, inspection and repair all need to be done this month!) Actuals: – $100 lumpContinue reading “October’s finances”

Spending; Week 2

Kicking the credit-card habit is HARD. When I open my wallet I feel like something is missing. I am going to keep going though, this can only lead to positive things. I’m already starting to notice a change in my spending habit by writing down my weekly spending, daily, in red and green. It’s strange,Continue reading “Spending; Week 2”

HELP! Trying to say good-bye to my credit-card

I’m trying and failing, miserably. I had two credit-cards at one point, one $500 dollar limit card and one card that has varied from a $2000 to a $10,000 limit. I closed the $500 card a long time ago, I think it was 2007? The other card I’ve never managed to max out, good thing,Continue reading “HELP! Trying to say good-bye to my credit-card”

Whatta month! Phew!

Hello, hello. It’s the beginning of another calendar month and whatta month it’s been! As you read last month my goals for September were; – Make a $100 lump sum mortgage payment    Actual: $100 – Reach $400 in emergency savings      Actual: $404.46 – Contribute $100 towards student debt   Actual: $110.00 Looking back: I amContinue reading “Whatta month! Phew!”

It’s that week of the month again…

No, think again. It’s the week of the month where all my monthly recurring bills are due. HOW did this happen you ask? The universe thought it was being funny, that’s how. With the exception of my cellphone all my bills are paid just about half way through the month. So unlike the conventional paycheque-to-paychequerContinue reading “It’s that week of the month again…”

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