Building moveable cold frames/row covers

This has been kind of a fun project we’ve tackled this year. Last year was the first year we had an actual vegetable garden. Tom didn’t really bother with the landscaping until I moved here (which was officially in about 2017, I think). He put most of his efforts into the house itself, so itsContinue reading “Building moveable cold frames/row covers”

Home-made orange cleaner

I’ve made this stuff before, I think I may have also blogged about it? My archives need a clean-up but I’ll see if I can dig up that info later. I can’t find the post right now. Way back when I lived in the littlest house  I made this cleaning vinegar but a) I didntContinue reading “Home-made orange cleaner”

Going cold-turkey no-more-shampoo-in-my-hair

Aaaaaaannnnd I’m back! Sorta, kinda, not really, maybe. Hey all 🙂 Haven’t posted in a while, certainly nothing finance-y. Sidenote: I’ve discovered I have a bad internet addiction where I spend too much time on useless stuff aka reddit and not doing anything productive,  I need to work on this in the next few months, I’veContinue reading “Going cold-turkey no-more-shampoo-in-my-hair”

DIY – Adventures in soap making!

Back in October I ended up buying an industrial sized drum of 35% peroxide and a 25kg bag of Lye from a guy off Kijiji. He was using it for woodworking (so he says, but who knows, maybe he was making drugs :-o) Anyway, so I ended up paying something like $35 bucks or somethingContinue reading “DIY – Adventures in soap making!”

The littlest house – Finished Part 1.

This is going to be an image heavy post. On November 8, 2008 I took possession of my little house. In June 2014 I moved out and in September 2014 I put it up for sale. I currently live with my sister, renting a house that my parents purchased to fix up while I waitContinue reading “The littlest house – Finished Part 1.”

A DIY update: How to make home made dogfood, or as I call it: Slop.

Back in June last year I posted an article on how to make your own dogfood. See that post here. It’s been a while since I posted that and I’ve changed my method quite a bit to be cheaper, more efficient and just generally less hassle so I thought an update was in order! AContinue reading “A DIY update: How to make home made dogfood, or as I call it: Slop.”

DIY – The making of a pin board map

On my bucketlist page you can see an image of the map that’s hung inside my house for the past three years. It’s just a big paper Rand McNally map, stuck on the wall with cork board pins and all the places I’ve been/still want to go on it labelled with paper stickies. Voila: IContinue reading “DIY – The making of a pin board map”

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