Re-evaluating priorities; That bag I thought I wanted.

I have been coveting a Banana Republic bag for quite some time. This one; I even made it a part of my goals for 2015 in my 30 goals for 2015 post, look: Every so often I get a new purse because an old one has worn out, or the functions that I need it forContinue reading “Re-evaluating priorities; That bag I thought I wanted.”

October review & November goals

November marks a bunch of deadlines for me. Today I’m reviewing my goals for the month of October and will be setting new goals for the month of November.  I posted my third quarter stats for the year this week, set some weekly goals for the past week, and November also marks my first FULLContinue reading “October review & November goals”

September recap – Birthday edition!

That’s right, that’s right. It’s my birthday! 26, shazam! And no I didn’t hold off on writing this post until today so I could announce that…. well, maybe a little. 😉 I was spoiled with beautiful roses, a sweet card, chocolates,  a few other goodies and some money for a clothing store. Alright, so forContinue reading “September recap – Birthday edition!”

August Adventures (monthly goals)

I only had three things I wanted to accomplish in August: 1. $110 mortgage prepayment – success! 2. $190 grocery budget – success! I spent about $162 making this my lowest food-month of the past 12 months. Time to keep this trend going! 3. Separate renovation and student loan.  Have student loan debt at $5,000Continue reading “August Adventures (monthly goals)”

Making travel plans (Or; how to spend money instead of save)

So I have this crazy plan for travel going in my head but before I get to that lets check out my goals and progress for 2011 (Read more here) 1. To complete at least 4 more courses for my degree. -> On track! 3 passed, registered for 3 more in September 2. To haveContinue reading “Making travel plans (Or; how to spend money instead of save)”

5 things I’ve learned after 8 months of tracking pennies

I bought YNAB last year in October and November 2010 was the first month I tracked every single penny coming through the NBN household. What have I learned so far? First, I spend nearly three times as much on clothing and shoes as what I thought and budgeted for.  From October 2010 to date I’veContinue reading “5 things I’ve learned after 8 months of tracking pennies”

Checking my progress; Second Quarter stats & June results

It’s halfway through the year which means it’s time for another quarterly check-up, you can find last quarter’s here. If you are not yet following me on Twitter, click here! I’m going to actually skip the June recap this time and do a bit of a two-in-one post today. Um, June didn’t go so well.Continue reading “Checking my progress; Second Quarter stats & June results”

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