Making travel plans (Or; how to spend money instead of save)

So I have this crazy plan for travel going in my head but before I get to that lets check out my goals and progress for 2011 (Read more here) 1. To complete at least 4 more courses for my degree. -> On track! 3 passed, registered for 3 more in September 2. To haveContinue reading “Making travel plans (Or; how to spend money instead of save)”

Photo Meme Fun & (early) Happy Canada Day!

I got linked by In Mint Condition for this silly little photo-tag-game, and since it’s a holiday over here in Canada, I thought why not! (I’m also possibly still in good humour from my much-deserved vacation :p) Here’s how it goes: 1. Go to the fourth folder where you store your pics on your computerContinue reading “Photo Meme Fun & (early) Happy Canada Day!”

Having fun doesn’t have to cost a lot

I had the most amazing evening Friday and it cost me absolutely nothing! I’ve busted my budget enough this month so that’s a great thing. I’ve had conversations with people before where they lament how entertainment can be so expensive.. but you know what, you can have fun year-round while spending very little if anythingContinue reading “Having fun doesn’t have to cost a lot”

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