Second quarter update – Checking in with my 2012 goals.

One of the primary reasons I maintain this blog is reaching my financial goals and having some public accountability… I also hope that along the way you may pick up things I’ve learned and be able to use them in your own life. I posted a handful of goals for 2012 in late December lastContinue reading “Second quarter update – Checking in with my 2012 goals.”

February recap and March goals (and dresses and jackets and SHOES)

February is allllmooost over, whew! Do you like winter? I prefer any of the three other seasons to winter (which means I probably live on the wrong piece of the planet) I should warn the guys out there that this post includes more than the usual dose of femaleness. (As in, I go nuts onContinue reading “February recap and March goals (and dresses and jackets and SHOES)”

Why you should (or shouldn’t) prepay your mortgage

I’ve been writing about prepaying my mortgage for about 18 months now. Some people have asked me why I’ve done that, instead of paying that money to my student loan, investing it or just not doing it at all? There are several things to consider before you prepay your mortgage; – do you have otherContinue reading “Why you should (or shouldn’t) prepay your mortgage”

If I had a million dollars… well not quite.

This is a fun one, I saw that Money Rabbit posted this on Thursday inspired by Give Me Back My five Bucks’ What I would do if I won 1 million – 4 years later. What would I do with a hundred grand? I of course immediately began mentally listing the ways I would distributeContinue reading “If I had a million dollars… well not quite.”

Whatta month! Phew!

Hello, hello. It’s the beginning of another calendar month and whatta month it’s been! As you read last month my goals for September were; – Make a $100 lump sum mortgage payment    Actual: $100 – Reach $400 in emergency savings      Actual: $404.46 – Contribute $100 towards student debt   Actual: $110.00 Looking back: I amContinue reading “Whatta month! Phew!”

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