Sooner-Rather-Than-Later-Retirement, Part 2.

Something I like to do when I get nervous is count my marbles. Looking at the numbers and looking at my savings gives me reassurance that won’t be broke like I was once and that I have some breathing room to be JUST FINE regardless of what curve balls I come across in life. I’mContinue reading “Sooner-Rather-Than-Later-Retirement, Part 2.”

Following your heart’s desire.

Occasionally I am prone to rants, actually… frequently but I usually restrain myself. Hehe. Serendipity wrote about going to NY in which she linked to this post on Thousandaire, which led me to write todays article . I’ve been going through a period of… self discovery? these last few months. I haven’t been sure howContinue reading “Following your heart’s desire.”