Yakezie Carnival – aaaand it’s a long one!

Baffled again by the amount of submissions. Still working my way through these myself, any article you particularly enjoyed? Wayne @ Young Family Finance writes Let’s Go House Hunting – Or Not – Questions you need to ask yourself before shopping for a house. CAPI @ Creating a Passive Income writes Got The Bill Paying Blues-Continue reading “Yakezie Carnival – aaaand it’s a long one!”

Link-love #24

 I found this page that features the photography of Elena Shumilova, absolutely beautiful photos. Check them out here on Bored Panda. Microblogger.com posted Day One Advice: 78 successful bloggers reveal what advice they wish they knew [when they started blogging).  Most of them sound familiar to me. I started blogging because I got interested in personal finance andContinue reading “Link-love #24”