Goals and budget for 2017

Goals, shmoals. Didn’t set any this year because life was just chaos. I moved three times this year! I sold my house! I didn’t write about it because it felt so surreal for a while. It was about 6 weeks to close the deal, I moved. Yadda yadda, I’m alive, hey! Lets start with income;Continue reading “Goals and budget for 2017”

My studentloan; The final frontier!

Sorry for the lack of blog-updates these past two weeks. Work has been rather crazy and I’ve had a stomach-bug so I haven’t done much besides work and spend a lot of time in bed! Back to business today though starting with my student loan! As of today I owe $3,393.41 since beginning to tackleContinue reading “My studentloan; The final frontier!”

Woohoo! A very late third quarter update and some kicking-student-loan-ass.

I set yearly, monthly, quarterly (first and second quarter found here)  and sometimes also weekly goals. While beginning to write a jubilous post about my student loan progress (I’ll get to that shortly here) I realized I never posted my third quarter update! My goals for 2011 and my progress so far: 1. To completeContinue reading “Woohoo! A very late third quarter update and some kicking-student-loan-ass.”

Why you shouldn’t cosign anything for a friend or relative.

My 20 year old sister called me last Monday and asked if I had enough credit to co-sign a loan (I do) for somebody (her of course) and my first response was a perfectly enunciated big fat NO. Why won’t I help my sister out you ask? I understand that she isn’t at the pointContinue reading “Why you shouldn’t cosign anything for a friend or relative.”

You shouldn’t have to pay for your bank account

This week I finally went into the bank I’ve been with for almost 10 years to close one of my accounts there. My first bank accounts in Canada were with BMO and I’ve remained loyal to them so far. (Mainly because of the massive amounts of Airmiles I collect on personal and business credit cards)Continue reading “You shouldn’t have to pay for your bank account”

5 things I’ve learned after 8 months of tracking pennies

I bought YNAB last year in October and November 2010 was the first month I tracked every single penny coming through the NBN household. What have I learned so far? First, I spend nearly three times as much on clothing and shoes as what I thought and budgeted for.  From October 2010 to date I’veContinue reading “5 things I’ve learned after 8 months of tracking pennies”

How to get out of debt – 5 simple steps.

Hey! If you’re new here – please subscribe to this blog by filling in your email in the sidebar -> I’m also on Twitter, you can subscribe to my twitter feed here! You’ll get updates as they’re posted without having to come check in daily, pretty easy right!? How to get out of debt; HowContinue reading “How to get out of debt – 5 simple steps.”

Just a little credit repair can save a LOT of money – Guest Post

Today I’m posting this guest article written by Ed O’Brien over at creditrepair.org. As I stated in my last  post I’ve had a ton of drafts written up about stuff and one of my drafts related to what you’re about to read. When Ed contacted me about guest posting about repairing your credit I letContinue reading “Just a little credit repair can save a LOT of money – Guest Post”