Figuring out what my FI/RE number is supposed to be. (Sooner-Rather-Than-Later-Retirement, Part 4)

I guess this thang is turning into a series much like my previous charting of debt payoff… hmmm!) I’ve been reading reddits like r/financialindependence for quite some time, I mean HELLO, I’m a PF blogger.. gotta keep up with those trends! With all my recent talk about making changes in my life over the pastContinue reading “Figuring out what my FI/RE number is supposed to be. (Sooner-Rather-Than-Later-Retirement, Part 4)”

Planning for Sooner-Rather-Than-Later-Retirement

I don’t write regularly enough for there to be a clear pattern in how my thoughts evolve on a given subject matter over time. Recent musings have led me to consider however that perhaps I would enjoy everything in life a little more if I were to work part-time, rather than full-time. I don’t seemContinue reading “Planning for Sooner-Rather-Than-Later-Retirement”

Achievement unlocked – $100k networth!1!!

This has been a long time coming, 100k! It’s kind of a big thing when you’re a youtuber and hit 100k subscribers, you get a plaque and everything. Do they do anything like that for Instagram? That should be a thing.  This is a different 100k though, I was off on a tangent already… IContinue reading “Achievement unlocked – $100k networth!1!!”

25 Goals for 2015 – February Summary.

Financial I hit every financial goal this month. I didn’t screw up anything and I’m actually a little bit ahead in some accounts. I can easily fall behind again in March so this doesn’t change anything. I’m just going to keep trucking and make this an awesome year. My house still hasn’t sold… and IContinue reading “25 Goals for 2015 – February Summary.”

25 Goals for 2015 – January summary (Week 4.)

Week 4. January 25 – 31, 2015. One month down… 11 to go.  My parents finally came home this week. I’ve been taking care of my 14year old sister and four year old niece – Basically mom-dutying for 12 days. Getting them fed, dressed and driving them to school, picking them up (no school bus),Continue reading “25 Goals for 2015 – January summary (Week 4.)”

25 Goals for 2015. Week 3.

I have  25 goals for 2015. Week 3: January 18 – 24 also went well! I’m about to finish up January with a bang this coming week. I hit every single savings goal I set with the exception of my emergency fund. My target is/was $571.59  per month and as of today, Jan 25th I’ve contributed aboutContinue reading “25 Goals for 2015. Week 3.”

25 Goals for 2015. Week 2.

January 11-17 went fabulous!.  I have  25 goals for 2015. These are the only ones I’m tracking weekly: Financial 1. Stop using overdraft, live on last periods pay. In progress. 4. Emergency fund $131.09 per week. In progress. 5. Retirement TFSA/RSP $45.35 per week. On target. 6. Vehicle fund goal 2015 $4 per week. On target 7. Future HouseContinue reading “25 Goals for 2015. Week 2.”