25 Goals for 2015. Week 1

January 4 – 10 went okay. I’m not really sure yet how I want to structure my check ins throughout the year as I have a lot of goals… 25 goals. Perhaps weekly and monthly. Here’s week one of 2015: Financial 1. Stop using overdraft, live on last periods pay. In progress. 4. Emergency fund $131.09 per week.Continue reading “25 Goals for 2015. Week 1”

Networth November 2013

Aaaaaand it’s the first of the month again, so soon already! Time for another networth update. October’s networth was $57,261.82. Not surprisingly my networth dropped to $56,588.48 for November. 😦 I already anticipated this and it’s due to the last few trip related bills coming in and being paid, primarily. I also made a few purchases,Continue reading “Networth November 2013”

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