October’s finances

Looking back: My financial goals for October were; – Make a $100 lump sum mortgage payment – Reach $500 in emergency savings – Contribute minimum towards student debt – Repay rest of debt dad – Work on getting vehicle fixed(license, registration, inspection and repair all need to be done this month!) Actuals: – $100 lumpContinue reading “October’s finances”

Spending; Week 2

Kicking the credit-card habit is HARD. When I open my wallet I feel like something is missing. I am going to keep going though, this can only lead to positive things. I’m already starting to notice a change in my spending habit by writing down my weekly spending, daily, in red and green. It’s strange,Continue reading “Spending; Week 2”

HELP! Trying to say good-bye to my credit-card

I’m trying and failing, miserably. I had two credit-cards at one point, one $500 dollar limit card and one card that has varied from a $2000 to a $10,000 limit. I closed the $500 card a long time ago, I think it was 2007? The other card I’ve never managed to max out, good thing,Continue reading “HELP! Trying to say good-bye to my credit-card”

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