The day I thought would never come. Goodbye studentloan!

I feel like a kid on Christmas… actually I have no idea how that feels because I never believed in Santa. Anyway, I’ll keep it short and sweet. Informative and serious articling will resume next week. (maybe) I paid my $5,000 creditcard off in August 2010 once and for all but struggled with getting outContinue reading “The day I thought would never come. Goodbye studentloan!”

My studentloan; The final frontier!

Sorry for the lack of blog-updates these past two weeks. Work has been rather crazy and I’ve had a stomach-bug so I haven’t done much besides work and spend a lot of time in bed! Back to business today though starting with my student loan! As of today I owe $3,393.41 since beginning to tackleContinue reading “My studentloan; The final frontier!”