The littlest house – Finished Part 2.

Before I get started, this is my 300th post! I’ve been blogging since July 4th, 2010. This marks my fifth year out here on the internet. Welcome to my public journal… of sorts. I’ve definitely written more than 300 posts but a few have gotten lost along the way. No matter, today is the officialContinue reading “The littlest house – Finished Part 2.”

The littlest house – Finished Part 1.

This is going to be an image heavy post. On November 8, 2008 I took possession of my little house. In June 2014 I moved out and in September 2014 I put it up for sale. I currently live with my sister, renting a house that my parents purchased to fix up while I waitContinue reading “The littlest house – Finished Part 1.”

DIY – The making of a pin board map

On my bucketlist page you can see an image of the map that’s hung inside my house for the past three years. It’s just a big paper Rand McNally map, stuck on the wall with cork board pins and all the places I’ve been/still want to go on it labelled with paper stickies. Voila: IContinue reading “DIY – The making of a pin board map”

TLH: Project Bathroom, slow progress (part 3)

Sept 6th marked the start of my bathroom renovation to transform it from this old layout; Which, in living colour looked roughly like this standing from the doorway: To this, slightly modified, awesomer version with all-new walls, plumbing, electrical, flooring, tub-surround (tile) paint, tub, sink & toilet. A full gut! As you can see theContinue reading “TLH: Project Bathroom, slow progress (part 3)”

Decking out the The Littlest House, part two!

Last week I posted on one of the latest projects going on around my little house. Check it out here. After a long wait I finally had a new bedroom built onto my house last year and this summer finally, finally was able to have a deck built on. Barbeques, sunning on the deck, backyardContinue reading “Decking out the The Littlest House, part two!”

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