Travel is more than the seeing of sights

This past week as I was sitting outside a disco in Cuba with some people I had just met; Jordan, his brother, Ashley and some other kids from elsewhere in Canada and this old braggart whom I baptized Doug since I couldn’t recall his name… and you know, at a certain point it just gets rudeContinue reading “Travel is more than the seeing of sights”

So I got my bachelor’s… now what?

After I graduated high school, way back in 2003 I went on to complete a completely useless college diploma in Tourism. I suppose I can’t call it completely useless because I did learn two things; I love to travel and I’d much rather get into the business side of things. I graduated college in 2005Continue reading “So I got my bachelor’s… now what?”

Home is where the heart is, checking in with friends & family

I’ve been slowly posting pics & a record of my most recent trip to Europe in late July/August. I checked out the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, traveled to Brussel and checked out the Atomium among other things and after that moved onward to the Netherlands. One of the next adventures on my trip was getting toContinue reading “Home is where the heart is, checking in with friends & family”

Changes and flight delays. [UPDATED]

As much as I love checking out new airports and finding out which ones are awesome (hello Schiphol and Toronto!) and which ones suck (Sorry Keflavik) Today has been a very trying day 24 hours. I was supposed to fly out to Denver Wednesday morning at the crack of dawn to get to Fincon12 nice andContinue reading “Changes and flight delays. [UPDATED]”