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I work to earn money to travel. It’s my primary hobby. Here, you find my documented wanderings summarised on one page.

For all travel hacking related posts look here.

General articles on travel

Deciding to travel solo
Observations while travelling: Think outside the box!
What not to pack when travelling abroad.
How to travel light
How I became a backpacker

A hopscotch to Brussels
The Atomium and homeward bound

Boston Musings

Travel is more than the seeing of sights

A quick update from the road: to Denmark and back again

Wednesday: Neuschwanstein Castle

We have liftoff!

Isles de le Madeleine (Quebec)
Standing still in Isles de la Madeleine

The pizza in Napoli

New York City
NYC baby! (Part 1)

Puerto Rico
Wednesday: Calle del Cristo, San Juan

St Thomas
It’s not just about being there

The Netherlands
Home is where the heart is, checking in with friends & family

United States
Daytona Beach
Orange Grove

This page was last updated on December 31, 2017.

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